Goodbye, iPad 9.7! A new generation of entry-level iPad launched this fall

                                                    Goodbye, iPad 9.7! A new generation of entry-level iPad launched this fall

                                                    July 10, according to the latest report from inside the supply chain, Apple's entry-level iPad will use a 10.2-inch display screen, and will be launched this fall. In addition, the new iPhone will cancel 3D touch technology. It is understood that Apple is planning to adjust its most affordable tablet product line. The new iPad will be new in design, using a larger 10.2-inch screen and will be in volume production later this month. It is reported that the overall style of the iPad 10.2 is similar to the iPad Air 10.5. At the same time, it will replace the 9.7-inch iPad launched in 2018, becoming a new generation of entry-level products. In addition, according to foreign media DigiTimes report, the new iPhone will not appear 3D touch function, because Apple has shifted from screen responsive function to support Haptic Touch function in iPhone XR, which not only can effectively reduce the thickness of the body. It can also reduce equipment manufacturing costs to a greater extent. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the iPad 10.2 mentioned above, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will also be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. Edit this article: Xue Xubinxx



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